Traditional Dentures in North Palm Beach

Introducing our Comfort Fit Denture

This is our most innovative denture. Limited time pricing of $1,295!

North Palm Beach Traditional Dentures

By using high-pressure heat injection technology, Comfort Fit dentures fit the precise contours of your mouth and oral topography. This denture processing method leads to a strong, lightweight, durable prosthetic that is also odor and stain resistant. Traditional acrylic shrinks as it cures, leading to poor fit, such as gaps and air pockets which diminish comfort and can lead to fractures

The acrylic is finished with custom details around the gums and teeth giving a highly esthetic appearance and ridges to aid in speech

Your comfort Fit Denture also comes with your choice of 15 colors of premium teeth with natural contours and translucency

They are also strong, lightweight, as well as odor and stain resistant.

If you’ve tried other dentures, this may be the set you’ve been waiting for.

Are dentures expensive and does my insurance typically cover dentures?

Dentures are very affordable, especially for something that you use thousands of times a day and will last close to a decade. Typically insurance will provide some benefit towards dentures.

Is the procedure to get dentures painful?

No, if you don’t have teeth, we don’t even have to get you numb.

How many appointments can I expect my traditional dentures to take?

There are typically 4 dental appointments associated with getting a denture.
1. The initial impressions to make a replica of your gums.
2. A bite block – wax rims designed to allow us to relate the top and bottom jaw so the teeth come together properly.
3. Wax replica try in – to show you how the teeth will look prior to being finalized.
4. Delivery of denture.

Do you provide the dentures in your North Palm Beach dental clinic or off-site?

The majority of the denture is made on site at our dentist office on Northlake Blvd, the final step is completed by a lab located in Jupiter, FL.

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