You want your child to have strong, healthy teeth. So, how do you strengthen your child’s teeth so that they will last into the future? Seaglass Dental Care is a family dentist located in North Palm Beach, Florida. Learn tips on how you can strengthen your child’s teeth, and schedule your dental appointment today!

How Do I Strengthen My Child's Teeth Infographic


Limit Sugar and Sugary Drinks

Bacteria love sugar, so when your child consumes sugar and it sits on their teeth for a while, bacteria go crazy and can cause harm, even cavities. Instead, encourage them to drink healthy drinks, such as water and milk, that won’t do damage like sugar can do.


Drink Milk!

What we mean by “drink milk” is to be sure your child gets a lot of calcium as they are growing. Calcium is an essential mineral that strengthens your child’s teeth. It helps to neutralize bad acids and protect the enamel, or the outer layer of your child’s teeth.


Brush & Floss Regularly

This tip is for everyone, not just children. If you want to have strong teeth, brush and floss regularly. This helps to prevent cavities and tooth decay, and it keeps your enamel healthy by not having to fend off so many attacks from harmful bacteria.

Orange Juice

Avoid Citrus Fruits & Drinks

Many people don’t realize that any food or drink that contains citrus can erode your teeth. This is because of a mineral component of citrus known as citric acid. It’s important to rinse your child’s mouth after consuming any citrus foods or drinks promptly.


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