Dental Tooth Extractions in North Palm Beach

There are a variety of reasons someone may need to have a tooth extracted. Tooth extractions, also known as dental extractions, are routine dental procedure usually employed as a means of removing a tooth that cannot be salvaged. Luckily, Dr. Schmitt and his team at Seaglass Dental Care are here to help you with your next dental extraction appointment!

Tooth Extraction Overview

Dental extractions are routine dental procedures usually employed as a means of removing a tooth that cannot be salvaged. There are two broad categories of teeth, which include incisors and molars. Incisors can be extracted at any time, but molars typically need to have the root system removed and decay removed from the crown. This can require several visits and dental extractions before the tooth is finally removed for good.

A tooth extraction may be required for various reasons, such as if a tooth is badly infected, decayed, or traumatized to prevent damage to the surrounding teeth, gum tissue, and/or the jawbone. A root canal treatment is able to save millions of teeth every single year, but unfortunately, there are many cases where it cannot be effective in preserving a person’s natural tooth.

Getting a tooth extraction may be necessary if you have an advanced stage of Periodontal gum disease, are experiencing crooked growth with your wisdom teeth, or need to make space for orthodontic treatments.

While it can be intimidating to have a tooth removed before it falls out naturally, rest assured that your dental professional has done this countless times. Extracting teeth is a common procedure for various reasons, and they have the expertise to make sure it’s done safely and effectively.

Tooth Extraction North Palm Beach
Benefits of Dental Extractions
  • Reduce overcrowding within the mouth
  • Help resolve problems with tooth decay or prevent the spread of infections.

  • Give you a great-looking smile by removing any crooked, gapped, or otherwise “unsightly” teeth

  • May help relieve pain in the mouth caused by issues with a particular tooth.
  • Relieve pain in the mouth caused by issues with a particular tooth


Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth can be positioned in the backs of upper and lower rows of teeth. They’re normally not necessary, but people rarely put them into their mouth. The result is wisdom teeth extractions. Wisdom teeth that are stuck below the gums are sometimes moved at unusual angles, which can cause severe pressure and discomfort for surrounding teeth. It is the reason that wisdom teeth get affected. A skilled oral doctor can take a patient out of the mouth and then place them in the bed to remove the wisdom teeth if affected.

Simple Tooth Extraction

When a tooth needs to be removed from the gum line, dentists typically do a simple tooth extraction. The doctor needs to ensure that the tooth has fully grown in or is at least partially grown for them to get a good grip on it using their specialized tools.

Prior to the extraction, the patient will be administered local anesthesia in the areas surrounding where the tooth (or teeth) is to be pulled out. This will ensure that they remain comfortable throughout their procedure. Your Dentist North Palm Beach will numb the tooth, bone, and gums surrounding it before extraction. This anesthetic ensures that no pain is felt during the process.

For the most part, patients felt pressure but not any pain during this process. Anesthetics were used to inactivate specific nerve fibers, resulting in a complete loss of sensation apart from the pressure that was still detected.

The tooth to be removed is typically embedded in the jawbone and held in place by connective tissue. Getting it out of there can require the careful use of specialized tools and techniques. To remove a tooth, a dental professional will use an elevator (dental screwdriver) to create space between the tooth and jawbone. This tool will help in easily separating the two. The elevator is designed to fit snugly – wedged between your gums and tooth – while exerting the right amount of pressure to keep it firmly in place with the jawbone socket and your tooth.

The dentist will use the tool to move back and forth until the tooth loosens from the jawbone. Once they have created enough space, they’ll simply pull the tooth up and out of your mouth. Your dentist might use extractor forceps to easily remove the tooth without having to touch any other teeth in the process. In some cases, your dentist might use an elevator or grip tool to pull the tooth.

After the tooth is removed, your dentist cleans the area of any remaining infection. Afterwards, they clean out the extraction site to remove any loose pieces of teeth and flushed blood. Your dentist will place several stitches to close up an extraction site. These stitches typically dissolve after 2-3 days, when one is standard sutures. To have them removed, you come back for a follow-up appointment with your dentist in about the same number of days you would have otherwise gone to remove the initial stitches yourself.

To control bleeding, your dentist will likely place a wad of gauze over the extraction site and will have you bite down to create pressure and help stop the bleeding. You may be experiencing swelling from the extraction and this is one dental treatment your qualified dentist may recommend. They may also recommend placing an icepack on the jawbone area for a short time to help regulate blood flow to the area.

You can expect your extraction to take about 40 minutes, depending on how many extractions are happening simultaneously. Once you’re all cleaned up and the dentist used no anesthesia, it is likely that you will be able to drive yourself home after your visit. If you have had a procedure under anesthesia like surgery, then having someone else drive is a good idea because your judgment might be impaired.

As with most dental procedures, it’s important not to consume any liquids for about four hours after the procedure. It’s also recommended that you avoid eating extremely hot or cold food and drinks too, to avoid any possible sensitivity. However, most of the time, the patient will feel little to no pain in their teeth after being extracted. If extraction was surgical, healing is usually much quicker than non-surgical extractions.

Surgical Tooth Extraction

If the tooth hasn’t grown up above the gum line or if your tooth that needs removal is situated above the gum line and it was taken out below, a surgical extraction will be needed. Your oral surgeon will start by making a small incision along the gum line. The extraction process mentioned above is nearly the same. In some cases, a light sedation can also be used during this procedure to ensure that you feel no pain or pressure. A local anesthetic can also be used.

Nitrous Oxide or the laughing gas is sometimes used to relieve patients from any pressure or anxiety of the procedure. You’ll likely continue to feel drowsy after this procedure so you’ll want to make sure you have a ride home from the hospital.

Do Not Panic if…..

You feel anxious and pressured: It’s important to know that you will feel pressure in this case and that it’s expected. Many patients mistake pressure for pain when they believe they are in a dentist’s office. In this particular case, laughing gas may be helpful as an anxiety reliever.

You hear odd sounds: From the sounds you’re hearing, it seems like you’re extracting hard tissue. There’s a good chance that there will be some snaps and cracks involved as well. When the dental hygienist is loosening a wisdom tooth, you may hear a crack or two. A light drop of blood will also seep from your mouth – nothing to worry about, it’s just part of the process and a normal reaction.

You’re in pain: This isn’t a bad thing because dentists are efficient at both performing chairside procedures and teaching patients what to expect once in the chair. And, if you’re in pain or experiencing any complications, your dentist is one phone call away!

Yes, this procedure is quite common, and at Seaglass Dental Care we routinely remove teeth.

No, please eat and drink normally before your procedure unless otherwise instructed by your dentist.

Prior to the tooth extraction, we will use local anesthetic to numb the area, such as lidocaine.
No, typically speaking you will not feel pain during a dental extraction. Most people only feel pressure.
Yes, there is usually an insurance benefit for extractions.
No, the usual recovery time from tooth extractions is 1-3 days.

How much does it cost to get a tooth pulled without insurance near me?

A simple extraction costing less than $150 is advisable to purchase insurance. The cost of undergoing surgery to remove swollen feces is up to $400.

How can I find a dentist in North Palm Beach that takes my insurance?

  1. Visit insurance companies’ websites. Many health insurers provide dentists for them in their network.
  2. Get your local dentist. Check out dental offices around your community to see how much coverage is available.
  3. Take Open Care Advice? We provide the best dental practices for patients with health insurance in North Palm Beach. Use the services offered to locate an insurance agent or company. To ensure the accuracy of the information, our team can look into getting confirmation from the clinic. It’s important that you visit the dentist in Palm Beach Gardens and surrounding areas as soon as possible.

What is the cheapest tooth extraction?

Simple extractions can be the most economical extraction method ranging from $50 to $100 / teeth. During the onset of a tooth eruption or dissolution, the dentist may loosen a tooth or have it surgically removed.

What is a fair price for a tooth extraction?

Dental extractions. The price ranges from simple extractions: $75-250. Dental Extraction: $150 – 550. Wisdom tooth extraction: $150 to $1,000.

Get the Smile of Your Dreams!

For those in North Palm Beach, FL who are looking for tooth extractions, there are a variety of options available at Seaglass Dental Care. From general dentists to specialists, there is a dental professional that can provide the service you need for optimal oral health.

Whether it is for a routine procedure or for more complex cases such as wisdom teeth removal, the right dentist can help you get the best results. With the help of modern technology and experienced general dentist and dentistry professionals, tooth extraction in North Palm Beach, FL can be done with minimal discomfort and maximum efficiency—plus, an excellent dental experience.