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Dental Extractions in North Palm Beach

There are a variety of reasons someone may need to have a tooth extracted. Tooth extractions, also known as dental extractions, are a routine dental procedure usually employed as a means of removing a tooth that cannot be salvaged. Luckily, Dr. Schmitt and his team at Seaglass Dental Care are here to help you with your next dental extraction appointment!

Tooth Extraction North Palm Beach

Benefits of Dental Extractions

Can help reduce overcrowding within the mouth.
Helps resolve problems with tooth decay or preventing the spread of infections.
Provides a cosmetic benefit of removing an unsightly tooth.
Removes a fractured or chipped teeth.
May help relieve pain in the mouth caused by issues with a particular tooth.

Are tooth extractions common?
Yes, this procedure is quite common and at Seaglass Dental Care we routinely remove teeth.
Do I need to fast before a dental extraction appointment?
No, please eat and drink normally before your procedure unless otherwise instructed by your dentist.
Is anesthesia required for a tooth extraction?

Prior to the tooth extraction, we will use local anesthetic to numb the area, such as lidocaine.

Will I feel any pain during a tooth extraction procedure?
No, typically speaking you will not feel pain during a dental extraction. Most people only feel pressure.
Will my insurance typically cover a tooth extraction?
Yes, there is usually an insurance benefit for extractions.
Is there a lengthy recovery process for dental extractions?

No, the usual recovery time from tooth extractions is 1-3 days.

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