Sedation Dentist In North Palm Beach

We know that dental appointments may not be your idea of a good time, and we understand that many patients suffer from dental anxiety. We offer sedation dentistry to help keep you comfortable, whether you are fearful, find it difficult to sit still, or need help getting through an extensive dental treatment.

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The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry
  • We offer both laughing gas and oral conscious sedation to meet the needs of every patient.
  • Sedation dentistry can help address dental anxiety, a strong gag reflex, as well as pain.
  • We can provide you with sedation during any dental procedure to keep you calm and comfortable.
  • Dr. Schmitt is an experienced sedation dentist in North Palm Beach.
Sedation with laughing gas is often recommended for patients with minor dental anxiety or nervousness about an upcoming dental procedure. This type of sedation is also called “minimal inhaled sedation” because it is gaseous and administered through a nose mask. Laughing gas will make you feel euphoric and a bit “disconnected” from your body, and will reduce feelings of discomfort, anxiety, and pain.
One of the biggest benefits of sedation with laughing gas is that it wears off quickly. You can drive yourself home after your dental appointment and get back to your regular routine immediately after treatment.
Oral conscious sedation is a better option for you if you have more severe dental anxiety, or if you will be undergoing oral surgery such as a tooth extraction or the placement of a dental implant. Oral conscious sedation is taken in pill form about an hour before your appointment.
The sedative will make you feel relaxed and sleepy, and many patients forget what happens during their dental appointment. The effects of oral sedation can last up to 4-6 hours, so this means that you won’t be able to drive yourself home after treatment or easily get back to your day-to-day routine, so it’s important to take this into account when scheduling your dental appointment.
Sedation can be a helpful tool for dental anxiety, but there are other ways you can reduce its effects, too. We recommend discussing your triggers and the source of your fear with Dr. Schmitt, because this will help him reduce your feelings of anxiety when you’re in our office. By working with the right dentist, you can mitigate the effects of dental anxiety and overcome your fears to get the oral care you need.
At our office, we offer both laughing gas sedation and oral conscious sedation. Laughing gas sedation is inhaled directly into your lungs through a comfortable nose mask. Dr. Schmitt will adjust this mask to send the sedative to your lungs, and you’ll breathe in through your nose until the effects take place. This will help you feel less nervous about your procedure. Laughing gas is also an analgesic (pain reliever), so it prevents pain, particularly when combined with local anesthetic.

Oral conscious sedation is a bit different. You will need to take your sedation pills an hour or two before your appointment, in most cases. This form of sedation is much deeper compared to laughing gas. You may forget most of what happens during your dental appointment, and feel very groggy or “out of it.” Some patients even fall asleep during their procedure.
Yes! Sedation dentistry is completely safe. Both laughing gas and oral conscious sedation have very limited side effects. Not only that, but Dr. Schmitt is an experienced dentist and has treated many patients successfully with both laughing gas and oral conscious sedation. Our team will ensure that you get the proper dose of medication to keep you safe, comfortable, and relaxed.

However, we will need to discuss your overall health, medical history, any medications you are taking, and any potential allergies you may have before you can be sedated. This is done to ensure that we provide you with the right treatment for your needs. Your safety is paramount at Seaglass Dental Care.
At our office, we can use sedation for just about any treatment. Laughing gas sedation is often used for treatments such as routine cleanings, dental fillings and periodontal care (scaling & root planing). For these types of minimally-invasive treatments, laughing gas is the best option because it wears off very quickly, but still is strong enough to help prevent feelings of anxiety, fear and discomfort.

We also provide sedation for other dental treatments such as dental implants, crown preparation, cosmetic dentistry (such as veneers) and root canal therapy. Often, oral sedation is recommended for these treatments. This type of sedation is a better option for more lengthy operations. Since it offers a deeper level of sedation, you will feel more comfortable during these more invasive surgical procedures.

No matter what treatment you’re getting at Seaglass Dental Care, we can provide you with expert care, and choose the method of sedation that’s right for you. To learn more and get started, just contact us for a consultation with Dr. Jared Schmitt.