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If you are suffering from issues related to your teeth or jaw, orthodontic services from Seaglass Dental Care may be exactly what you need. Dr. Schmitt can assist with jaw alignment, create dental treatment plans for braces, retainers or clear aligners, perform surgery to straighten teeth or install a variety of dental appliances.

The Benefits of Orthodontics

Fix malocclusion – poor bite alignment.
Straighten crooked teeth.
Provide and install dental appliances like braces, retainers and clear aligners.
Restore a beautiful smile with corrective treatment.
Can make home hygiene easier, improved access for toothbrushes and floss.

Requiring orthodontic treatment can seem like a major step but Dr. Schmitt and the dental dream team at Seaglass Dental Care will be there to assist in making the process as smooth as possible. Dental treatment plans are discussed at length before any procedures begin so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Are orthodontics different from standard dentistry?
Orthodontics is a brand of dentistry. Simply put, orthodontics implies moving teeth to their proper functional position.
At what age should I consider seeing an orthodontist?
Is it often recommended to see an orthodontist at least by the age of seven for an initial evaluation.
What are some of the treatments an orthodontist provides?
An orthodontist can provide specialized dental appliances like braces, clear aligners and retainers.
Are orthodontic procedures typically covered by insurance?

The best answer to this is: sometimes. Typically speaking, depending on the level of coverage and type of dental insurance selected by the patient will determine if the treatment is covered. It is best to consult with our treatment coordinator to confirm insurance coverage.

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