Seaglass Dental Care provides the safest method and most effective teeth whitening services in North Palm Beach Gardens and other nearby areas to help with stained teeth – one of the most common dental issues. Schedule a consultation today and get a more beautiful smile today!

Zoom Teeth Whitening In North Palm Beach

Patients that are looking to brighten their smile as efficiently as possible should consider Zoom teeth whitenings. Zoom teeth whitenings provide patients with a revolutionary and hassle-free way to transform their smile through the help of our caring and friendly office staff.

If you suffer from stained teeth, yellow or dull discolorations on your teeth or just want to renovate your smile, then dental veneers or teeth whitening is a perfect option to consider! All it takes is one appointment in our North Palm Beach dentist’s office to refresh your smile. Give our dental office a call at 561-581-5001 to set up your Zoom teeth professional whitening consultation.

Zoom Teeth Whitening North Palm Beach

The Benefits of Zoom Teeth Whitening

  • Results are visible immediately.
  • Perfect for individuals with sensitive teeth.
  • Quick and easy teeth whitening treatments, usually lasting only an hour.
  • Removes discolorations from teeth and makes smiles brighter.

A Professional Start Towards a Brighter Smile

Dentists can help you get whiter teeth, but you can also whiten them from home with DIY kits. Getting a brighter smile has never been easier. Dr. Schmitt suggests that patients go through office treatment first before whitening their teeth! He recommends that patients undergo in-office treatment before starting to brighten their smiles.

In a dental whitening treatment, removing stains on the teeth can be quite dramatic for the patient and their smile. Plus, Dr. Schmitt has a good understanding of how bleaching affects your teeth and your tooth’s enamel so he adjusts the treatment accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Zoom Teeth Whitening

If you are considering getting a Zoom teeth whitening treatment with us, please feel free to take a look at some of our most asked questions below. If you have additional questions about teeth whitening, teeth bleaching, or other dental services near North Palm Beach, please feel free to send us a message. At Seaglass Dental Care, we are proud to be your local North Palm Beach dentist!

How can I find a dentist in North Palm Beach that takes my insurance?

  • Visit the insurance provider. Many companies provide dental network lists.

  • Contact a local dental clinic for more information.

  • Find a dentist in your neighborhood who has insurance.

  • Contact us at Seaglass Dental Care for more information.

How can I find a top-rated dentist in North Palm Beach?

Finding a top-rated dentist in North Palm Beach can be a challenging task. With so many dentists to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to ensure that you find the best dentist for your needs. You can start off by researching the dentists’ credentials and reviews, asking friends and family for referrals, and scheduling consultations with potential dentists. By following these steps, you can make sure that you find the most qualified and experienced Dentist in North Palm Beach for your dental care needs.

How long does teeth whitening last?

Results from teeth whitening will take anywhere from two years to six months. The differences are individual. Among the other causes of staining your teeth that can short-term prolong your whitening is smoking.

How much is it to whiten your teeth?

How much does teeth bleaching cost? After your dentist forms a tray your dentist gives instructions on how to keep the tray in place. These customized kits generally cost between $250 and $500 with a total additional $30 being added annually.

Teeth whitening treatments are an affordable solution with long-term results. Price can vary but the national average for Zoom Teeth Whitening is around $500-$700 per session. At Seaglass Dental Care we typically offer Zoom Teeth Whitening in North Palm Beach, FL treatments for $450 with special promotions every now and again offering even lower prices.

Teeth whitening procedures are indeed safe. An exam is required beforehand though as we need to check for any possible gum disease or cavities. Complications can occur if gum disease or cavities are present.

No, typically teeth whitening treatments are completely pain free.

Due to teeth whitening being considered a cosmetic dentistry procedure, most insurance plans will NOT cover the treatment. At Seaglass Dental Care we offer very affordable pricing on all of our services, sometimes you may end up saving money by NOT using insurance.

Some people have mild sensitivity after teeth whitening treatment but we have special products to help alleviate those symptoms, making teeth whitened much more bearable.

Some people have mild sensitivity after teeth whitening treatment but we have special products to help alleviate those symptoms.
Zoom in-office teeth whitening is completed in 15 minute increments and most patients achieve their desired result after 30-45 minutes of treatment.

The take-home whitening is a supplement to the in-office whitening and works best after the in office dental treatment. Be careful with using whitening toothpastes that you can buy over the counter.

No, there are many teeth whitening systems. However, Zoom provides a very efficient treatment option and offers great results while minimizing sensitivity.