What to eat after a dentist?

Dental health not only includes an individual’s daily routine of their oral care, it also involves their dietary habits. According to the American Dental Association what you choose to eat, and when you are eating those foods can have an impact on the health of your teeth and gums. It is best to ensure that you are selecting a variety of nutrient dense food items that will fuel your body and your oral health! Thankfully there is a wide variety of foods that are good for your teeth. This article will shed light on five different foods for healthy teeth and bones.

Fresh Crisp Fruit

The University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry cited the importance of fueling your body with apples and citrus fruits, which can help keep your teeth clean. The texture of these fresh fruits will stimulate gum movement, reduce the presence of bacteria, and increase the production of saliva. Saliva production helps to prevent unwanted food particles from adhering to your teeth. Enjoy this fresh treat for your oral health, as well as a vitamin C boost for general health benefits.

Dairy: Cheese, Milk and Yogurt

Dairy items, such as cheese and milk, are rich in calcium which can be good for bone and oral health. The University of Rochester Medical Center states that the calcium from cheese, and the phosphate and calcium that can be found in milk, replaces minerals your teeth may lose. In addition to replacing minerals, it can also rebuild your tooth enamel. As an added bonus to your oral health, dairy can increase the production of saliva during your mealtime, which can assist in preventing bad breath.

Dark Chocolate

A surprising entry on the list, dark chocolate is an antioxidant super food. Summit Dental Health mentioned that studies have shown that dark chocolate is effective in the fight against cavities and the prevention of plaque and tooth decay. Polyphenols, a natural chemical found in dark chocolate, can limit oral bacteria and neutralize microorganisms that can lead to bad breath. Be sure to enjoy this snack in moderation, while reaping the oral benefits it can provide!Meat, Poultry and Fish

Protein rich foods provide your body with a mineral known as phosphorus. The American Dental Association states that this mineral plays a vital role in our oral health as it helps to protect and rebuild tooth enamel.

Green and Black Teas

What we drink is just as important as what we are eating. Similar to dark chocolates, green and black teas contain polyphenols which, according to the University of Rochester Medical Center, is a chemical known to prevent bacteria growth and prevents acid from forming on teeth. If the water used for your tea contains fluoride, this can also provide an additional source of protection for your oral care.

These are just a few of the best foods for dental health. Additional foods that are good for your teeth include almonds, leafy greens and ample amounts of water. It is important to ensure you eat a diet best tailored to your individual needs. The diet you follow can have a vital impact on your long-term health, as well as your oral health. Take the time to create healthy habits and enjoy learning about all the nutritional benefits we can provide our bodies with be choosing a well balanced diet. If you have questions about protecting your teeth with preventative dentistry in North Palm Beach or how to begin an oral care regimen that will adequately meet your oral care needs, be sure to contact Dr. Jared Schmitt and the Seaglass Dental Care team! Feel free to book a dental appointment online or give us a call at 561-581-5001. You can always visit us at our North Palm Beach dentist office located at 384 Northlake Blvd, North Palm Beach, FL 33408 from Monday through Friday and by appointment on Saturdays.

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