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Many people have a real fear of the dentist. In fact, it is estimated that between 13 to 24% of people have anxiety over visiting their local dental office. Seaglass Dental Care is a local dental office in North Palm Beach. Our compassionate and caring dentists do everything we can to help ensure you are comfortable while you are in our care. Below, we’ll offer some helpful tips on how to calm your nerves before your next dental appointment. Get in touch with our team today!

Let Your Dentist Know About Your Anxieties

It’s a good idea to let your dentist know that you are uncomfortable at dental appointments. This will alert them to your feelings so that they can take extra care during your dental appointment. You can also have them explain everything they will do before they do it, so you’ll be prepared for what lies ahead.

Choose a Dentist You Are Comfortable With

You can help ease your dental anxiety if you are comfortable with and trust your local North Palm Beach dentist. Plus, if you have similar hobbies, you can have other things to talk about besides your dental health. Let your dentist know of anything they can do that could make your dental visit more comfortable.

Listen to Soothing Music Before Your Dental Appointment

Certain music, such as classical music, has been shown to calm the nerves, lower blood pressure, and help you to relax. On your way to your dental appointment, put on some soothing music. You can continue to listen to this music while you wait and ask the dentist to perhaps play some while you are there, too.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Break to Calm Down During Your Dental Appointment

While no one particularly likes laying down in a chair with instruments in their mouths, don’t be afraid to take a break during the dental exam and clean if you are feeling uncomfortable and get some fresh air if need be. Your dentist is more than happy to perform your dental cleaning in small, manageable stages.

Watch TV During Your Dental Appointment

Many dentists now have TVs in each dental suite that are mounted to the ceiling. This means you can watch a show during your dental appointment, which is a great distraction. Ask your dentist if this is an option for your next dental visit.

Consider an Early Morning Appointment

If you are someone who builds up anxieties as the day passes, consider an early morning dental appointment. This allows you to get the dental appointment over with so you can move on with your day. Many local dental offices offer appointments before your work day begins.

Skip the Caffeine Before Your Dental Appointment

Just like listening to soothing music can ease some of your dental anxiety, skipping the caffeine before you visit can help too. It ensures your blood pressure and heart rate are low, helping to keep anxiety at bay.


The dental staff at Seaglass Dental Care in North Palm Beach understands that many people have anxiety when they visit a dental office. We have done everything we can to make our dental office warm and welcoming. We use the latest in dental equipment and technology to make your dental appointment as quick and as smooth as possible. Feel free to utilize our beverage station while you wait and ask any questions you may have of our staff. We are here to accommodate your needs, so you can have the best oral health possible.

If you or a family member is looking for a top-rated dentist in North Palm Beach or the surrounding communities, including Juno Beach, Wellington, and Jupiter, give us a call, and schedule your next dental appointment today!

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