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Since you only receive one set of adult teeth, it’s super important that you take care of them. If your teeth are neglected, especially from childhood and into adulthood, you can suffer from long-term effects. Seaglass Dental Care offers top-rated dental services in the North Palm Beach area. Learn more about the long-term effects you can suffer from poor child dental hygiene, and schedule a dental appointment today!


Cavities can form from poor child dental hygiene


Cavities can form from poor child dental hygiene. And, once cavities form and tooth decay takes place, your body does not regenerate that material. In essence, cavities are permanent. They require a local dentist to remove the decayed material and replace it, so that the rest of your tooth remains healthy.

Child at dental office

Gum Disease

The gums in your mouth are responsible for both holding your teeth in place and supplying them with the nutrients they need to stay healthy. Gum disease, or periodontitis, is when gums are damaged by plaque.

Child eating

Difficulty Eating

It can be difficult to eat if your teeth are not taken care of. They may be inflamed, which can cause pain while chewing. This can also affect your diet, since you may not be able to eat as healthy as you would like if your food choices are restricted.

Child with low self-esteem

Poor Self-Esteem

Since our appearance matters, if you have bad oral health, your appearance and smile may suffer, which then can lead to poor self-esteem. Poor self-esteem can be hard to overcome at any age, and repairing your teeth is harder than just caring for them in the first place.


Seaglass Dental Care is a North Palm Beach family dentist who offers an array of dental services, including teeth cleanings and preventative care, to ensure you have great oral health. Schedule a dental appointment today!

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