Woman at dentist office smiling while viewing selection of shades of veneers in Palm Beach Gardens

Are Veneers Safe?

Yes. Veneers are completely safe, and there are no serious side effects from this treatment. Veneers have a success rate of more than 95%, and with professional veneer placement form Dr. Jared Schmitt​ at Seaglass Dental Care, Dentist in North Palm Beach make it a point to use the latest techniques and tools to provide you with excellent care.

The only effect you may experience from veneer treatment is tooth sensitivity after your teeth have been trimmed. This is common while you’re wearing temporary veneers, and will go away after your permanent veneers have been placed.

Can Veneers Be Removed?

No. The process of having veneers is, for all intents and purposes, permanent. It is technically possible to remove veneers after they are placed, but doing so is a very bad idea, unless you are replacing an old set of veneers with a new set.

This is because your teeth must be trimmed to accommodate your new set of teeth during veneer treatment. About 0.5mm of enamel is drilled away from each tooth that will get a veneer. This helps the veneers attach to your teeth properly, and also prevents them from adding bulk to your teeth.

After your veneers are placed, your teeth will be just as strong as they were before this enamel was removed. Your oral health will not be negatively affected in any way. However, this enamel can never be replaced or restored. If your veneers are ever removed, the underlying enamel will be weak and may be more vulnerable to tooth decay and damage.

For this reason, you should only get veneers if you are comfortable with the idea of a permanent, nonreversible treatment. If this does not sound appealing to you, an alternative cosmetic dentistry treatment like dental bonding may be a better option.

Can Veneers Stain?

No. High-quality porcelain veneers, such as those used at ​Seaglass Dental Care​, are made of a completely nonporous ceramic material. Unlike your natural enamel, which has tiny pores to which stains can attach, veneers cannot be stained. They are completely smooth and will not stain or require whitening.

However, you still must be sure that you care for your veneers and your teeth properly to keep them healthy and prevent stains. If you do not brush and floss regularly, stains can build up on the teeth that don’t have veneers, which will negatively affect the appearance of your smile.

How Are Veneers Made?

The process starts with an scheduling a dental appointment at Seaglass Dental Care. After your teeth have been trimmed, Dr. Jared Schmitt will take impressions of your teeth, and then begin designing your veneers. They will be built to fit perfectly over your existing teeth, and to cover up and correct imperfections with your smile.

Then, Dr. Schmitt’s treatment plan and the impressions of your teeth will be sent to a dental lab. The technician at the lab will create molds of your teeth and cast the veneers out of porcelain, or use CAD/CAM (computer-assisted design/manufacturing) to trim your veneers out of a solid block of tooth-like porcelain material.

Once your veneers are finished, you’ll come back to our office, and Dr. Schmitt will apply them to your teeth, transforming your smile.

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